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It's great that you have visited this site. You certainly want to learn something new in a funny way. We offer you various games practising Icelandic language. You will practice Icelandic pronunciation, learn new words, penetrate the mysteries of Icelandic grammer, familiarize with Icelandic fauna and flora. You need only to register and you can play! The site will remember you results!

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spilaHvalur - types of games
types of games number points
Listening and writing 12 games
Fill in the gap 4 games
Part of speech, synonyms, antonyms 3 games
Practising of numerals 2 games
Semantic quiz 3 games
Hangman 1 game
Memory game 4 games
Scrabble 1 game
Image quiz 4 games




14 May 2021

New games :)

SpilaHvalur is coming with new games :) - photografic quiz, image quiz, guessing of words in various areas, guessing of phrases, listening exercise with recordings from Islex (48000 words). There is a new game that practises understanding of dictated telephone number! The game database was updated according to actual information from Icelandic-Czech Studens' Dictionary. For example before the game with synonyms contained 10000 synonyms - now it contains 13000 :).

Have a nice summer full of joy, peace and love!